Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Harvest Time at the Farmer's Market in October

October Pumpkins are coming in - but beautiful flowers are still in abundance.  The warm weather this year has been great for extending seasons on different local products.  This is a Chef's dream!
Bouris Farms has lovely Fuyu Persimmons- this is one of our favorite stands at the market.  

Pumpkins and Apple Gourds are in abundance!

Chef's haul from the Market - stuffed full of produce ready to be turned into delicious specials!

A variety of different gourds and pumpkins that can be found at Perry's Garden Highway stand...
Rainy days don't hinder us from hitting the Farmer's Market!
Here are a few specials that we have made with Farmer's Market items... On the left is a Persimmon Brandy Beurre Blanc with Sea Bass - and on the right is a medley of tri-color carrots with kale and fingerling potatoes.  Fresh eating at its best!