Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter at the Farmer's Market

 Winter time at the Farmer's Market is much different than in Summer - as you can imagine.  The fruits and vegetables are much more hearty.  Lettuces and thicker and have strong flavor.  It is a fun challenge to come up with menu items that showcase these ingredients - but at High Steaks, we thrive on it!    Above pictured are blood oranges and Brussels Sprouts - still on the stalk.  They last much longer if you can buy them this way.  

 Flowers in wintertime are hard to come by as well - but 4 Seasons Flowers does an amazing job.  We always buy our flowers from them for the front of the restaurant.  They look amazing and last for over a week.  
 Brussels Sprouts off the stalk - they are fantastic when sauteed with a bacon.  We served them with our Fresh Catch fish (local sustainable fish option on our menu that constantly changes) - our Guests loved it!
 Rain or Shine - the market is always there!  
 Ruby Red Grapefruit - beautiful color!  
 Golden beets are great in so many things!  We use them for our Beet Salad.  We serve roasted red beets and pickled golden beets over Arugula - then we drizzle balsamic reduction and evoo over the top with salt and pepper.  We finish the salad with goat cheese balls that have been rolled in chopped up candied pecans.  It's an amazing salad!  

 Here are 2 of the hearty lettuces available in Winter - Kale and Spinach.  Both amazing in salads or sauteed.  Kale is a great snack if you cut it into smaller chips and bake it for a few minutes.  Finish it with salt and enjoy!  Spinach is also great sauteed with a good steak.  
Visit you local Farmer's Market to help support local growers and to take advantage of the amazing soil that is right here in the Sacramento Valley.  At High Steaks we pride ourselves on being Farm to Fork - utilizing growers within 100 miles of the restaurant.