Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Amuse Bouche for High Steaks

Now that we are finally catching back up after a very busy holiday season in High Steaks, I wanted to share one of the more exciting things that we created for our guests over Christmas!  Pictured above is our savory Christmas cookie Amuse Bouche- with Basil Gelee, Pomegranate Pearl Ornaments, Citrus Zest tinsel, and an edible gold dusting.  We served one of these to each guest that came in to High Steaks on Christams Eve and Christmas Day - click below for a few pictures taken along the way as we created it. 
  Cutting hundreds of Christmas Trees out of our savory Lemon cookie dough was an exciting task for Heather - one of our creative cooks.  She even brought in a couple of different cookie cutters before we decided on the tree.
Lined up and ready for baking - one of about 15 pans like it...

Here are the Pomegranate Pearl Ornaments, they are made with Pomegranate juice - combined with the power of Molecular Gastronomy!  They were perfect size for the job.

Decorating was a tedious task, but well worth the final result - this is a picture of myself (Chef Nikki) with my Sous Chef Sheamus. 

Just before the finishing touches...

 The final dusting of gold on the Amuse Bouche - we had a great Christmas holiday and we wish that you did too.  We hope to have another great year ahead!  Happy New Year and we can't wait for your next visit to High Steaks!