Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Day in High Steaks - 2013

Thanksgiving Day in High Steaks was a big success - Here are a few pictures of the items that were on the Special Menu.  Above, to start off the meal, was our Amuse Bouche - a Spiced Orange Gelee with Pecan Crunch, garnished with a green Fondant leaf. 

This is a picture of our Farmer's Market Salad.  We used local Kale, in our Farm to Fork partnership with Trinity Fresh Produce, and paired it with Port Poached Granny Smith Apples.  Also in the salad was roasted Walnuts, Goat cheese, Pomegranate seeds, and caramelized onions - all tossed in a warm bacon vinaigrette. 

The Fresh Catch - an ever changing item on our menu based off seasonal and sustainable fish - was a pan roasted Ling Cod, served with a Truffle Risotto and garnished with fresh Burgundy Truffles.  The risotto is perfect for this chilly time of year and Truffles are an excellent pairing as well.

We did a modern take on a French classic with our turkey dinner.  Above is our Turkey Ballotine with a wild mushroom stuffing, mashed potates, cranberry relish and house made turkey gravy.  Our Ballotine was made by de-boning the turkey and stuffing it with ground pork, prime beef, Serrano Ham, ground turkey and other seasonings, sewing it back up and baking it until cooked to perfection.  It was absolutely amazing! 

Guests got to choose between this amazing Pumpkin swirl cheesecake (shown above) served with Cranberry sauce and Chantilly Cream, or a Deep Dish Pecan Pie served with Vanilla Gelato (shown below.) 

We are very excited about our Christmas day specials and we hope that you will be able to join us!