Friday, October 25, 2013

Lagunitas Beer Dinner- 10.24.13

 Last night we had our Lagunitas Beer Dinner at High Steaks - it was amazing!  Lagunitas is an incredible brewery in Petaluma that showcases what a real craft beer is all about.  When we thought about doing a beer dinner I knew it had to be Lagunitas - it was a huge success and we all had a lot of fun.  Pictured here is the menu that we served and one of the dishes - the Imperial braised Kobe short ribs with root vegetable mashed potatoes and tri-color carrots. 

 The toughest part about executing a beer dinner is the research...
 It was a long night of tasting beers and thinking of food flavor profiles - but someone had to do it :)
 We started the dinner with beer snacks on the table - pretzels filled with IPA beer cheese, beer nuts and lobster corn-fritters - that was paired with the Czech style Pilsner.  For the second course we served Risotto Arancini with a Pale Ale Beer Blanc - a beurre blanc, but made with beer.  The second course beer was the Pale Ale - it was a great combo. 
 Course 3 was Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Beer - we made a beer broth that we served with clams and Chorizo, garlic toast points. 
 IPA Beer Can Chicken Salad!  We placed whole chickens that had a dry spice rub on them onto an open can of beer into the smoker and cooked them until tender and juicy.  A medley of vegetable and watercress came together with the smoked chicken and crostinis that were topped with an IPA beer cheese.  This was one of the most popular courses, and rightfully so, it was incredible!

 The dessert:  Brown Shugga beer brittle, chocolate cheesecake with a pretzel crust, and vanilla gelato with bacon bits and beer caramel - this picture was taken right before the gelato made it to the plate, but it was delicious.  Chef Juan Roa does an amazing job with his desserts. 
 Brown Shugga!

 The rest of the pictures are just a few fun snapshots I took throughout the course of the evening... Enjoy!

 Cheers!  Me- Chef Nikki - and Manny dos Santos our amazing Manager!