Monday, August 5, 2013

High Steaks Chili Powder

High Steaks Garden Fresh Chili Powder

It's the little things that make a Chef happy. Last year, we had a surplus of Serrano peppers from the High Steaks garden. We dehydrated those peppers and ground them to make chili powder, and were blown away by complexity of the flavor. We didn't have a large amount of that chili powder, and it was so good that we hoarded it, using it only on specials and amuse bouche. 
This year we made more room in the garden for peppers (there are Habanero, Serrano, Chile's de Arbol, and Cayenne Peppers).

 The garden has been very prolific this year, and we were able to make the first round of chili powder last week.

 As the garden continues to produce, we will continue to make more chili powder.

Making chili powder is fairly simple if time consuming. After harvesting peppers from the garden, trim off the stems, cut the peppers in half and lay them out on dehydrator trays.


It will take anywhere from six to twelve hours to fully dry the peppers (larger peppers take longer). When the peppers are ready, throw them into a food processor and rough chop with the cutting blade.

Transfer the rough chopped peppers to a designated coffee grinder (we have one coffee grinder that is used exclusively for grinding herbs and peppers).

When the peppers have been processed through the grinder, as a last step sift the chili powder through a tamis sieve (drum sieve). The end result is a very bright, complex chili powder that adds great depth to the cuisine at High Steaks Steakhouse.

Next time you visit, ask and we would be happy to bring you a small sample to try!
Or should that be a dare? It is very spicy by itself!