Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Granite Bay Charity Golf Tournament

 Our booth was located right by the 1st and 10th Split - It was a great view!  There was a lot of support and it was a fantastic charity event. 
 A look down the first hole...

 It was a beautiful day!
 Grilling Sliders for the Golfers - Kobe Beef patties, Brioche Bun, Butterleaf Lettuce, Roma Tomato, and a Creole Mustard Aioli.  You can join us at High Steaks for our Happy Hour and try them out!
 Me- Chef Nikki - teeing off on the 10th hole - I got to hit for a few Golfers daring enough to give me their shot. 
Our Vice President of Food and Beverage - Gabor Eller and myself on the 10th hole.  They did great and the event was a lot of fun!