Thursday, May 9, 2013

Garden Week 3 - Growing Fast Now!

Here is our Meyer Lemon tree in the Garden... Click the Read More section to see more pictures of the Garden and how it has grown over the last couple of weeks.

The tomato plants are growing a lot - they are starting to flower now.

The garden is located by the pool area of High Steaks.  It is a perfect location as it gets a lot of sun and is sheltered from the wind. 

Here is a look at the barrels - check out the blog post from a couple of weeks back and you can see already how everything really growing fast.

Our Garlic Chives and Nasturtium flowers are doing very well...

Little Lemons...

These are the tomatoes that have re-seeded themselves from last year.  There are a couple of pepper plants mixed in with this barrel.  It will be very colorful when it blooms.

The Lemon Verbena is finally starting to leaf out - it is so fragrant.

Some friends making a new home by the Garden

Meyer Lemon tree and Lemon Thyme

This is our Chocolate Mint plant - when you rub the leaves together it actually smells like Chocolate Mint!