Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Garden Time 2013!

High Steaks is very proud to have our very own Garden right in the back of the restaurant.  We are growing peppers, herbs, flowers, tomatoes and a few other plants to use in our daily specials and menu items.  The Farm to Fork movement is gaining a lot of momentum in the area especially after Sacramento has been dubbed the "Farm to Fork Capital of the United States" by Mayor Kevin Johnson.   As well as going to Farmer's Markets every week and rubbing elbows with the areas best farmers - we are starting to dabble a little bit ourselves with our own little Garden.  That's as fresh as it gets!

This was the Garden before we started planting again this year - some of these plants have made it through winter and others needed re-planting.  We also bought a bunch of new stuff and today we finally got it all planted and beautiful again.  
Here are some new peppers - as well as two tomato plants that actually re-seeded from last year!  Very exciting!  We used Cocoa shells on top of the soil to help keep pests down and it also looks really nice.  
Chef Nikki's favorite plant in the Garden :)

A look down the Garden - we have 20 planter barrels and 5 concrete planter boxes for tomatoes down at the end - lots of room for herbs and more.

 Here are the tomatoes before they were planted - they are golden cherry tomatoes - great for salads and garnishing.  These are Sous Chef Sheamus' favorite tomatoes.
Here is Sous Chef Sheamus watering the Lemon Verbena plant. He is the expert on the Garden and is teaching me all kinds of new tips and tricks to help my thumb get a little greener. 

We use a TON of basil in the restaurant - so naturally we planted a lot of basil.  They need room to grow in the planter box - this is actually better than planting a lot of the basil as it helps to make a heartier plant.  
The Good Stuff!

This is our Garlic Chive box - can't wait to use these for garnishing our Amuse Bouche!

We planted a Meyer Lemon Tree - great for all kinds of things!

Our Chocolate Mint plant survived from last year... It's very hearty.  It actually smells just like Chocolate Mint.  This is fun for craft cocktails and desserts too!

The Tomato boxes.  I can't wait to update these pictures in a few weeks - it's amazing how fast everything grows!

This is our apple mint from last year - we cut it back but rest assured it will be back and vibrant as ever with a little sun and water.  Keep checking us out as we will be updating the Blog all summer with new pics of our Growing Garden!