Friday, February 15, 2013

Farmer's Market Vendors for High Steaks

Hooverville Orchards has the best apples - they are absolutely amazing and go great in our salads. The owner - huge 49er fan - provides fun bantering as Chef Nikki is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan!

The memory of the Flower Man lives in the beauty of his flowers. Four Seasons Flowers provides High Steaks with fresh, colorful flowers that you can find as decorations throughout the steakhouse.

Dragon Mushrooms has a great variety of mushrooms to choose from - we especially like the King Oyster Mushroom to accompany our steaks. The flavor pairing was even suggested by the company itself. They also have amazing Shitake, Beech and Golden Oyster mushrooms.

Twin Peaks Orchards has amazing citrus! We get some of our lemons and limes from here that we use for many things, including water service. Their blood oranges are very juicy.