Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Trip to the Downtown Farmer's Market

Hands of Buddha - These are used for adding a citrusy zest to your cooking!

Quail Eggs - great in an oyster shooter or on a salad. 

These heads of Cauliflower are huge! 

This is actually called Romesco but we like to call it Alien Cauliflower! 

We bought their Truffle Cheese and their Red Chili Cheese - both are amazing and will go very well in a salad. 

Farm Fresh Carrots! 

Some of the last Acorn Squash of the season - I love to cut these in half, clean out the seeds and bake them with butter and brown sugar. 

Sun Shine Farms is one of the only vendors with lettuce this time of year - it is fresh and great for salads! 

Farm Truck!